Linquenda (LinQ Landgoed cc t/a Linquenda Guest Farm), portion 3 of Rhenosterspruit 495 JQ, has been in the Nagel family for more than seventy five years. Gideon Petrus Nagel (born: 22.7.1867 died: 4.10.1948) and his wife, Anna Maria Magdalena (born: 12.10.1877 died: 16.02.1957) bought a large section of Rhenosterspruit 495 JQ totalling more than 1000 hectares. Portions of Rhenosterspruit 495 JQ were later sold to the van Jaarsveldt and van der Merwe families. Their (Gideon and Anna's) house situated on this section of land later became, and still is today, the offices of Mayford Seeds (Pty) Ltd, now Mayford-Sakata. Gideon's son, Gerhardus Frederick Nagel (born: 12.10.1877 died: 16.02.1957) and his wife Anna Maria Nagel, maiden name Koen, (born: 11.10.1899, died: 27.02.1992), bought Linquenda (portion 3 of Rhenosterspruit 495 JQ) around 1937 while still living in Belville, Cape Town. In 1943, after retiring as a jail officer, Gerhardus Frederick Nagel, his wife and his son, Peter Theunis Nagel, moved to Linquenda. Once they have settled on Linquenda, the started farming vegetables, cattle and pigs.

From a very young age (legend has it 5 years), Peter Theunis Nagel, ploughed the lands with an ox and 'eenskaar ploeg'. They had no 'luxuries' like running water or electricity and for more than twelve years, they had to carry buckets of water from the Rhenosterspruit. Eventually, they could afford to install a hand pump which could pump sixty gallons an hour. A battery was also charged by the windmill which generated power for the Nagel's to listen to the radio. In 1969 they managed to get water from a bore hole and in 1970 they had running water in the house. In 1957 Gerhardus Federick Nagel died of colon cancer, which left Peter, age seventeen, and his mother alone on the farm. In 1970 he married Martina du Plessis and a year later Deidre was born. Fours years later the twins, Peter and Angelique, were born. Peter Theunis did his fitter and turner apprenticeship and became a Mechanical Engineer for the Premier Group were he worked for forty-two years. Over the years Peter Theunis and his mother, Anna, as well as her parents, who joined them in the sixties, farmed 'Afrikaner' cattle and planted corn. In 1977 he started building a house for his father and mother in-law. After completion he built another house for rental purposes. In 1995 he started building two cottages for rental purposes and in 1996 a workshop was erected on Linquenda for steel work purposes. All the buildings, houses and cottages on Linquenda is due to the physical labour of one man, Peter Theunis.

Deidre is married to Tjaart Nicholas de Meyer, Angelique to Danie Smit and Peter to Marzanne Jacobs. A new generation started settling on the farm. Deidre & Tjaart and Angelique & Danie moved into the two houses that was built by Peter Theunis, while Peter and Marzanne moved into a renovated and altered garage on the premises and called it their home. They moved to Stellenbosch in 2018 where Marzanne is currently running the booking system from. Deidre & Tjaart has three children - Maderi (born 22.11.2003), Teane (born 03.04.2007) and Deidre jnr (born 11.11.2009). Angelique and Danie has three children - Dianique (born 03.02.2005), Anje (born 17.12.2008) and William (born 11.04.2018). In 2011 Peter and Marzanne's first child, Ninelle was born (born 23.11.2011), the sixth girl on the farm. But that all changed with the birth of their second child, Peter Theunis (born 28.05.2014). The hope was for him to continue the Nagel legacy, but he passed away one day before his first birthday on the 27th of May 2015. Peter and Marzanne's third child, Daniƫl-Alexader was born (19.10.2016). In 2004 the four families decided to turn Linquenda into a guest farm and today we are proud to say that this farm, Linquenda, was built by hard, honest labour and faith in God, which we intend to share with everyone visiting the place we call home for over seventy five years. Sadly, on the 24th of July 2009 we had to say goodbye to our loving father and husband, Peter Theunis Nagel, who passed away at the age of 72. Both Peter Theunis Nagel snr and Peter Theunis Nagel jnr were burried on the farm, next to one another. They are both dearly missed, but the impact they made on each of our lives will remain in our hearts and souls until the end of time. The Farm will never be same again without our dear father or as some would refer to him as 'Super,' and Peter jnr. Their passing motivated and inspired us to continue with the Linquenda legacy by our faith in God and through honest hard work.